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"A fun read... helped my understanding of this alternate way of retirement living. "

"Vagabond Retirement" is the story of how a couple took early retirement, gave up their home and possessions and took to the road in search of the best way to spend the rest of their lives.
In 2007, with their three children grown and living hundred of miles from them, Deb and Jerry found themselves living in an "empty nest." When, at age 57, Jerry was offered a buyout and early pension from the newspaper where he had worked for 25 years, they sold their home, stripped themselves of their possessions and took to the road, moving from one furnished rental to another. The journey led them to vacation resorts in Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head Island, to the muggy depths of central Florida, and finally to a condo on the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

Searching for warm weather and well-kept tennis courts, they discovered instead the source of a deeper happiness.
Sprinkled with wry observations and philosophical asides, "Becoming Vagabonds" is both a fact-filled travelogue and the memoir of the five-year journey a couple took to a new understanding.

Vagabond Retirement
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