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"Even more impressive was how he varied that voice to match the characters' points of view. We get straight-forward narration, blog accounts, dialog, and reports that are all distinctive and well-crafted."

Harper Russell rolls and tumbles down the asphalt, sweet Kassie Dell collapses into a broken heap at the bottom of her stairs and Tim Waldman screams through a wild last ride to the bottom of a hill and a jagged broken limb of a massive oak tree.

And Detective Edith Raines, she's wrestling with the dawning knowledge that she might be bouncing between sanity and insanity or between two parallel, skewed universes. She's not sure she cares.

Meanwhile, Addy and Abby Dalton are trying to find a mysterious jogger. Street Eddie, fresh out of lock up, is looking for his lost lover. Cara Blase is tracking down her brother, and a rogue vigilante known as The Honker is looking for his own brand of justice.

Welcome to Kaleidoscope, a tale of fractured lives and split universes tied together by a small white talisman.

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