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The Earth is My Witness

You wake up in a motel room, bruised and bloody. You don't know how you got here or even where 'here' is. Then you find a body and it's just you and him. A red-haired woman pops in to steal the dead guy's laptop and you take out after her because she's got to know more than you do because you know nothing. 

Pretty soon you're hiding the fact that you were in the motel. You and Maggie are trying to figure out who killed Warren. The red haired woman keeps popping by to shoot at you and the detective on the case is a brutish pervert who wants you to hack into a computer to retrieve God-knows-what, but it can't be good. 

And every time you turn around you're being drawn into the dark basement where a cop was found buried beneath the coal-darkened dirt. And you know there are more secrets hiding there. 

You're David Lamb, reluctant Existential Buddhist detective.

"The surprise ending ties a bow about this murder mystery and makes it a package well worth unwrapping."

"This book could be made into an exciting movie."

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