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A lifelong fan of Mark Twain, Jerry was an award-winning journalist at The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa. After accepting a buy-out from the newpaper, he turned to writing fiction, basing his first novel, "Imhotep," on his visit to a little-known tomb in ancient Egypt. Finding an enthusiastic audience in the U.K., Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States, he continued the story of the ancient architect in three subsequent novels. In addition, he has written a traditional detective mystery with an Existential flavor and a multi-universe tale of love and a Shrödinger's-cat murder.  When not writing, he is likely to be playing tennis with Deb or wandering one of the cities where their three children and their families live.  

Jerry Dubs - CEO and Author

Debra Dubs - CFO and Contributing Editor

A former yoga instructor, Deb is the calm heart at the center of her family and the steady hand that keeps Jerry on course. While pursuing her interests in nutrition, health, alternative medicine and exercise, she finds time to organize the vagabond lifestyle she and Jerry lead, provide first edits of his books and manage the promotion of his work. Having organized a three-month sojourn in St. Martin, she is co-writing a travel guide to Orient Beach and a how-to book on snow-birding. In her spare time she plays tennis with Jerry and makes sure he doesn't get lost while wandering the cities where their children live. 

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