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In this sequel to the popular Imhotep series, a 14-year-old scribe named Suti is sent from the battlefield of Megiddo to bring Queen Menwi to Pharaoh Thutmose III. Discovering that the queen is missing, the scribe ties the queen’s disappearance to a mysterious Medjay warrior, Suti travels the length of the Two Lands in search of the missing queen and her escort, Lord Imhotep. After braving the treacherous cataract at the far reaches of the river Iteru, Suti falls prey to the corrupt governor of Ta-Seti and a murderous giant. Beaten and tortured, the young scribe escapes to continue his search for the queen. When at last he discovers the truth, Suti realizes that he possesses a secret that could end the reign of the world’s most powerful leader.

"Excellent continuation of the Imhotep story; I just wish it was longer."

Suti and the Broken Staff

"Suti took us on a curious journey for the truth... It was very interesting and a bit bittersweet."

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