The Forest of Myrrh, Book 3

"I am a retired Egyptologist, and have enjoyed Jerry Dubs firm grasp on accurate ancient Egyptian history."

In the third novel about the ancient Egyptian Imhotep, the time-traveler’s beloved wife Meryt is dying, his most powerful patron has been murdered and the Third Dynasty is sinking into chaos. Desperate, Imhotep recruits an unlikely ally to help him save Meryt and to help him discover the killer of the Voice of Re. When his search is interrupted by a revolt that tears the Two Lands in half, Imhotep flees to the Temple of Khnum at the southern fringe of the dying empire. Surrounded by a rebel army, Imhotep frantically looks for a way for his family to survive. Passing through a make-shift time portal he finds himself in the 18th dynasty where Pharaoh Hatshepsut rules. Accompanying the ruler on an expedition to the fabled Land of Punt, Imhotep is enveloped by violence as a band of assassins attacks Pharaoh Hatshepsut in the Forest of Myrrh.